By Steve Puckett & Cheong “The Chinaman” Chan




So you've discovered, MyVegas, the facebook game where you can earn real prizes for MGM Resort properties in Las Vegas! From rooms to buffets, and shows to hot clubs, earn them all just by playing this addicting game!


Just a quick walk-through of how this game works. There are a number of casino related games, such as blackjack, and different sets of slot machines. Using chips you obtain through various methods, you can places bets on these games, and when a certain amount of betting has been placed, you earn a set number of Loyalty Points (LP‘s). Your chip stack may go up or down just like in a real gambling situation, but you'll get Loyalty Points regardless. You can use these Loyalty Points to redeem a number of different rewards. The more chips you earn, the longer you can play, and the more Loyalty Points you'll earn. In essence, this game is all about managing your chip stack, and betting proper amounts to maximize your potential Loyalty Points.


Using the methods described below, and following the set of rules in the MyVegas Guide, in under a month, You should be able to get over 50,000 Loyalty Points, which is over $100 in comp value.




There are several methods to get more chips. Keep in mind, most of these methods are based on having MyVegas friends. The more friends you have, the more chips you can get, so get as many friends as you can. First thing you do is join the MyVegas Friends, Meetings & Rewards Group Then get more friends by adding your name to the “Add Me Thread" and adding others who have already put their name on it.




(IMPORTANT: If you put your name on the list make sure you always click “YES” you know the person, if not you risk not only putting them in FB Jail but also being banned from the group)


Why Buy Chips?

I think the entire appeal of this game is to get freebies. I don't feel that purchasing chips is necessary, but to support this game, I have made a purchases of my own. If you find that you like the game, make a purchase to support all their hard work.


(Purchasing Chip Bundles allow you to redeem more then 3 rewards per month)

From time to time, the people at PLAYSTUDIOS, makers of the game, will release time and click sensitive links where you can get chips by simply clicking it. They usually give out 500 chips per link, but have seen upwards of 20000 chips. Sometimes, but very rarely, they will release a link that gives out Loyalty Points. The last one released was 1000 Loyalty Points.

Email Bonus- If you are a subscriber to the game, from time to time, you will receive a link for more chips in your Email. Typically about 500-1000 chips and again, just click to earn.


Property Bonuses


One of the objectives of the game is to build all the MGM properties on the MyVegas strip by collecting V's in the numerous games. When successfully built, each property will release a random amount of Chips or Loyalty Points at specified time intervals. When you initially start the game, you'll be provided with 3 related venues to gather chips.
























Daily Spin

The daily spin is a feature available every 22 hours. You spin the wheel, which contains both Chips and Loyalty Points. The amount earned is dependent on the following factors. Current level, the bonus you hit on the wheel, amount of days played in a row, number of friends you have, and if you “liked” the myVEGAS app page


Below is an Example:























Based on the number of days you've played in a row, the multiplier starts at x1, and increments by x0.5 to a maximum of x3.

So x1, x1.5, x2, x2.5, x3

Also based on the number of friends that you have, you're able to get another x5.

0 Friends – x0, 1-5 Friends – x1, 6-10 Friends – x1.5, 11-20 Friends – x1.5, 21-35 Friends – x3, 36-50 Friends – x4, 51+ Friends – x5

You also get another x0.25 multiplier if you've liked your the MyVegas app page.

So in all, your Total Multipler = # Day Multiplier + # Friends Multiplier + Like Multiplier

For Example, let's say you've won 100 chips on the wheel and max out in all the categories.

Your final amount will be 100 x 3 (Days Multiplier) + 5 (Friends Multiplier) + 0.25 (“Like” Multiplier)] = 825 chips



Gifting - If you have friends in the game, you'll be able to gift them chips every 12 hours. When you first invite friend, you'll receive 100 chips, with subsequent gifts at 50 chips. When they receive the gift, they'll be able to return the gift to you as well. The more MyVegas friends you have, the more gifts you can send and receive so keep adding friends and add yourself on the 


For the initial invite, go to the “More tab” on the top left of game screen, Next Click on Invite Friends.

Next Select All Friends or just the MyVegas Players, click on the “Select all friends” link on the bottom and then hit the “Send invites” tab.

Sending Gifts - On your MyVegas Strip, look on bottom of screen and you'll see some names/pictures with buttons to send gifts to. Just remember you can scroll both left and right to send the gifts.


Leveling Up -When you level up, you automatically get a chip and loyalty bonus. The higher level you are, the more you get. They cap out at 10,000 chips and 1000 LP.



I can't emphasize how important MyVegas friends are. The more friends you have, the more feeds you'll receive and the faster you'll get chips. Don't forget to head to the 


This is the best and easiest way to get a lot of chips. There is a rolling cap of 20,000 chips every 24 hours. When the feeds switch to “Impressive” you've maxed it out.


(Do Not Use Automatic Feeds as it is against MyVegas TOS and you will be banned)


Sharing Links - While playing the game, when you level up, hit a bonus, a big jackpot and other things, you'll see a Share button. When you share, every one of your MyVegas friends will receive a link. When you click on these links, you will receive anywhere from 10 to 201 chips depending on the game. Having more MyVegas friends, means that you get tons of links and every link you click means more chips in your bank.


Viva MyVegas (iPhone)

Unfortunately, this is only available for the iPhone and it's sister set of devices. You can download the app in your phones app store by searching Viva MyVegas. The app allows for some extra bonuses and fun on your next Las Vegas trip. On the Viva myVEGAS app page, they'll occasionally release a scan code where you can spin another wheel and accumulate more free chips and Loyalty Points.




Purchasing Chips - Occasionally, there will be promotions where when you purchase chips, you will get Loyalty Points as a bonus. If you enjoy the game, purchase some chips to support the game and earn more rewards each month instead of the usual 3 in 30 days.


Visit the myVEGAS app page - As mentioned above, sometimes MyVegas will post Loyalty Points as a freebie.


Hotel Bonuses - You randomly get LP from collecting from the M Life Themed Hotels.


Daily Spin - As mentioned earlier, the daily spin can give out Loyalty Points. Everything else remains consistently the same as winning chips.


Gifting - You can earn Loyalty Points receiving gifts randomly.


Leveling Up - As with chips, with each level up, you gain a small amount of Loyalty Points. However, because of the rarity of Loyalty Points, this is actually a pretty significant amount. It ranges anywhere from 50 to 1000 Loyalty Points. The higher level you are, the more Loyalty Points you earn, keeping in mind, it's much more difficult to level up in the higher levels.


Viva myVEGAS (Iphone) - Same thing as the chips, except you have a chance to win Loyalty Points as well.


Gameplay (MOST LP EARNED HERE) - As you play the game, you will earn sets of 10 Loyalty Points. This is all dependent on the game you're playing, the amount you're betting and your current level. I will provide my optimal strategy to get over 50,000 Loyalty Points in under a month.



The whole point of this game is to gain Loyalty Points to redeem free stuff and who doesn't like free stuff? Most of these points are achieved through general betting and leveling up. Although there probably isn't an optimal strategy for this game, my method lowers the risk of losing your entire chip stack while gaining the maximum Loyalty Points attainable. As mentioned above, playing conservatively using this strategy, I'm currently at Level 300 with 2,000,000 chips and over 1.2 Million Loyalty Points. This has all been done in 3 months. I know of many others who have used the same strategy as effectively as me. Keep in mind the guide is a work in progress and changes as the game changes, so please let me know if there's incorrect information on here.

The most important aspect of the game is to generate chips. Also, MyVegas recommends playing the game on the Google Chrome browser.





After downloading the game, proceed through these steps first before you begin playing the game:


Go to the myVEGAS app page, “like” it, and then click on all the free chips they have on their wall. Only the recent posts will be available, but it's enough to start.


On the Add Me Thread, add your name to the "Official Add Me Thread", and add the other members on there as well. Please refrain from adding too many people at once, or you may be put in Facebook Jail. About 10-20 to start should be okay as long as you only add people on the list. Others will add you as well as long as you put your name down on the list. Add people daily until you have a comfortable amount of people giving you enough chips on your game feed.


On the MyVegas Friends, Meetings & Rewards Group, there is 250+ Chip Share. You'll have access to over 50,000 chips there. Start from the bottom and and stop when you see a post from James Hite that tells you to stop.



On the MyVegas Friends, Meetings & Rewards Group, check Small Chip Thread.


Help others by posting links there and also get chips from others who post. If you did this properly, you should have at least few thousand chips, if not tens of thousands of chips to play with before your first spin. Our goal here is to get the maximum amount of Loyalty Points with the smallest bet possible. We provide the optimal bets with the optimal games, so please try not to deviate from the games or bets described. What I mean by optimal bets is the least amount of chips utilized to gain Loyalty Points. For example, at level 5, if you bet 60 chips, it takes 8 spins to gain 10 LP. If you bet 300 chips, it takes 6 spins to gain 10 LP. The rest is just basic math, 8 x 60 = 480 chips run through for 10 LP, where as 300 x 6 = 1800 chips run through for the 10 LP.


Remember this game mimics a real casino game. In the long run, you're guaranteed to lose, so the more chips you run through, in the long term, the more chips you lose, so it's beneficial to run through less chips.




From levels 1 to 57, as long as you follow the steps below, your daily overall chip stack should be positive, assuming you don't play an extensive amount and max your chips daily.


Levels 1 – 14

Hotels Earned: Monte Carlo, Circus Circus, New York New York, Mirage
Bets Per Line: 5, 10, 20
Auto Spins: 10

Games: Jules Verne, Lucky Birds, Bet The Farm, Blackjack, Studio City, New York New York


The first game you'll play is Excalibur. Game is pretty simple, just read the tutorials as they come out and keep betting. You start out betting at 60 chips/spin. Only bet 60 chips/spin unless the game forces you to bet more, and even then, remember to change it back down to 60 chips/spin afterward. The whole point of this is to maximize Loyalty Points. Every 8 spins = 10 LP, which accumulate pretty quickly. When you hit a bonus or a big jackpot, level up, or build a hotel, a pop up appears where you can share the event with your MyVegas friends. Please share these when they pop up, your MyVegas friends depend on them for extra chips.


As you continue leveling, you'll achieve all the events specified above. You can play around with different games and bets, but if you want to play optimally, ignore all the other games, and the increasing bets per line, and keep betting 60 chips/spin in the Excalibur game.


Try to refrain from playing Blackjack, until you build 1 million chips or more.


One last thing you should keep in mind. When you start the game or reload your default bet is based on your chip stack, so the higher your chip stack, the higher the default bet is. Pay attention or you may quickly lose your chips auto spinning on 25,000 chip/spin bets.


Levels 15 –29

Hotels: Excalibur, Bellagio
Bets Per Line: 50, 100,
Auto Spins: 25


Okay, at level 15, we now switch games from Excalibur to Lucky Birds. Lucky birds is the only game at these levels where you can bet 100 chips/spin to get the 10 LP with only 9 spins. This is the optimal spin and regardless of how bored you get, you will collect a lot of Loyalty Points and gain an even larger chip stack. Just keep betting 100 chips/spin until you get to level 30.


I play Lucky Birds not only because of the optimal chip bet, but also because it's the simplest and most efficient game. What I mean is that I can auto spin the game in the background most of the time and check on it every now and then, and all I'd need to do would be to enable more auto spins or pick some eggs. Just play this game and compare it with the other ones and you'll understand what I mean.


Again, if you want to focus on gaining chips and Loyalty Points, stay on Lucky Birds at 100 bet chips/spin and remember to use all the different methods to collect your daily chips.


Levels 30 – 57

Hotels: Luxor, Aria
Bets Per Line: 200, 500, 1000
Auto Spins: 50, 100


Okay, at level 30, your 100 chips/spin bets now take 22 spins to get the 10 LP, so we have to switch to something else.


Switch over to 200 chips/spin bet. At this this bet, it takes 11 spins for 10 LP.

Because it takes 11 spins instead of 9 spins now for the 10 LP, your accumulation will be a little bit slower. However, you need to stay on this betting path until you hit 58. This will allow you to collect and accumulate more chips before you hit a negative daily chip intake.




From level 58 onwards, if you play steadily, you will end up losing chips every day until you run out. This is because at level 58, you can no longer bet 200 chips/spin. Instead of only 11 spins for 10 LP, it now takes 24 spins and that's just much too time consuming.



Levels 58 –100 something

Hotels: Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand
Bets Per Line: 2000, 5000
Auto Spins: 200


Okay, so from level 58 onwards, you again stay on Lucky Birds due to the optimal betting and efficiency of the game. Theoretically, the optimal bet is now to bet 200 chips/spin, however, it would take 22 spins for 10 LP. Again, like the 100 chips/spin, this is much too time consuming. Instead, you can bet 1000 chips/spin, and would take 6 spins for the same 10 LP.


You will notice a decreased time in achieving both levels and Loyalty Points, but because of the increased bet, you now run through significantly more chips than at levels 1 to 57. If you play steadily, this will cause your chip stack to decrease steadily as well. Eventually, you will hit 0 chips. When this happens, I like to save up a few hundred thousand chips before I start playing again so that you can play through the bad runs.


Levels 100+


Somewhere in the level 100's, it takes 8 spins instead of 6 to get 10 LP. And at level 500, it takes about 30 million experience points to get to level 501 so it is not fun when you reach that level.




Blackjack is the best game to gain LP and level up. I estimate the slots to have maybe a 5% house advantage, but this blackjack game, assuming you play perfect strategy, has only about a 0.5% house advantage. However, this game probably has the greatest variance as well so it requires good chip management. You can easily win and lose a million chips in a day.




Blackjack is a simple game, and there's a simple strategy. I just play 1 hand and flat bet the entire time. I use perfect basic strategy that you can find here at Wizard of Odds Blackjack Calculator. Change it to 4+ decks and that's all you need to do.



There is a max bet for certain levels too, but I will fill that information out in the future. Also, you only receive half the experience points compared to slots so you may think you're not leveling as fast as you would playing slots. However, your chips should theoretically last that much longer so you should level up a lot faster.





This is Cheong Chan My Vegas game strategy guide. It may sound a little boring and tedious, but if you're addicted to Las Vegas, it's actually pretty fun. I deviate from my plan now and then but it never takes me long to go back to the optimal strategy. Most of the time it's because I have no more chips. I can tell you that by just playing steadily over the months, me and my wife have earned over 1 million loyalty points.




This is Steve’s My Vegas game strategy. It may sound crazy, but if you're addicted to Las Vegas, it's actually pretty fun. I play mostly Jewels Verne 4,000 -10,000 per spin and Bet the Farm 17k a spin nowadays for optimal strategy. I go broke daily but there are days I start with 50k and end the day with 3 million in chips. I can tell you that by just playing steadily since Jan 10th, I have earned over 1.2 million loyalty points.


However you decide to play, please remember this is just a game, so don't get too addicted and remember to go out and have some fun!


Also, remember to join MyVegas Friends, Meetings & Rewards Group to win some prizes and meet some friends!




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